Saturday, October 3, 2009


Sorry I have not been writing on my blog in forever but I have been busy packing and getting ready for Florida. I had a really good time and all my family had a really good time. It was alot of fun. Samuel was sad to leave though. We went to three different beaches while we were down there we went to Vilando beach, Marine beach, and St. Augustine beach. I liked all them but I think that my favorite would have to be the St. Augustine beach. The sand there was so soft. I think that it was exspecially exciting because none of us have ever seen the ocean before. The hotel was very nice. We went to Florida and Kentucky turned cold while we were gone. It is so cold here now. While we were at the beach my Dad was recording us at the beach and he wanted Sara which is my oldest sister and me to go stand in front of it then he came over there and he pulled out of his pocket two rings one for Sara and one for me. T hey are purity rings which means that we are going to keep ourselfs pure intil we get married. Both of them are the same they are silver and say TRUE LOVE WAITS. They are worn on your ring finger. Mine is a little to big though when I was running into the water it slipped off my finger. I didnt notice till I got pretty far out there I ran back and as I was telling my Dad I saw it and grabed it and my Dad put it in his pocket so I have to get a smaller size. The drive took forever but it was fun. He is a picture of my Family not the best picture though......


  1. Glad you all had a great time & I missed you to. Also glad you were able to find your ring. Great picture to. {{HUGS))

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