Thursday, October 15, 2009


Today I found out that my a-team leader moved away. They choose me to be the a-team leader. So I normally wouldnt be here till next year but because I joined Drill Team and have been doing a good job in JROTC I got the part... After that we got in line and got our name badges....... Then we went and got our pictures taken....I started gym Tuesday because the first nine weeks of school is over... Today we had to run a mile that was so hard..... Then after school I had Drill Team practice and I found out that I get to go to the Drill meet (compotition.) There is around 25 students in there and only 12 students could go so I am so happy :) but I could still get put out of there if I stop going to Drill team practice...or something like that....well thats all for today!


  1. Soooooo Happy 4 You !!!!!

  2. you ever gonna write anymore?
    Just wondering my dear sweet daughter...
    p.s. have I told you lately how PROUD I am of YOU!