Monday, October 5, 2009


Today I had to make up my uniform from last week. So I wore my ROTC uniform. I have a field Trip on October 28 to go see "Dracula" at a play :) cant wait my teacher gave out the premission slips last week but I wasnt there so I still have to ask her for one of them. Tonight we went to the movies and saw two pretty good movies they were both pretty funny. I cant wait till the end of the year becasue all of the Freshmens get to go to Washington,D.C. Not sure if I get to go though because my Mom and Dad dont like me or none of my siblings to be that far away from them. But maybe my Dad or Mom can go with me. Well I am getting pretty tired and I still have some other homework to finish so I am going to go head and finish that on up I will write another post tommorrow so come back by my blog again. Tommorrow I will add that kreativ blog award on tommorrow thanks for that Mommy.....

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  1. Wow I hope you get to go to Washington I went when I was a Sr and it was so much fun. I want to go back someday cause being young when I went there was alot of things I missed. The play sounds interesting & I seen you got a blog award !!! Congrats !!!