Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kreaticv Blog Reward

I was given this award by my Mom (stillservinghimthroughthestorm).She is a very nice,fun, caring person, the best Mom ever! Thank you so much Mommy!
So here are the rules:
1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
2. Copy logo and paste it to your blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that people may not know.
5. Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.
6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they have been nominated.Here our my 7 things some you may already know but I tried to come up with some I haven't used before.
1. My name is Elizabeth Rae Hedges
2. My favorite color is green.
3. I love to go to school
4. I am very respectful
5. I was saved Nov.9, 2003.... the same day my Mom was saved
6. My favorite month is November
7. My favorite movie is Twilight
Well I did not choose any people to nominate this reward to because I am not following any so I am going to go follow so Blogs now........ :)

1 comment:

  1. Congrats on your award & I like your seven things !!!!