Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Today we were supposted to get our rifles. But their was not enough people their to teach us...so tommorrow they think they have enough people supposted to be there. Today in ROTC we were marching and then one of my sargents asked for my leader and then my leader came back and told me to fall out, and told the other boy to fall in. Well he told me because I marched good and that I was on Drill team that I get to march the people. So I got to march the other cadets it was pretty fun except I would call the commands on the wrong foot. This other boy said that he good do better than me so I fell in and he fell out and he didn't do better than me and he got yelled out and my leader said that I did good for the first time he said that it took him at least two weeks to get. So I am pretty happy tommorrow ROTC is wearing our uniforms. I already have mine sat out for tommorrow. Well we are leaving to Flordia in three days I cant wait :)

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  1. Glad things went well for you & I would be excited for my trip to !!!