Wednesday, September 9, 2009

feel'in better

The reason I have not been blogging is because I was sick... Friday I had a runny nose. Saturday I had a runny nose. Sunday I felt better. Then Monday I got a headache, I felt dizzy, I had a fever, and soar throat yeah that means that we didn't get to go to the movies :( Tuesday I felt better so I went to school and we got our picture I.d library card taken should get back sometime next week. Came home and didn't feel good so my Mom took me to the hospital and they tested me for strep throat and for swine flu they both came back negative it is just a virus. Drill team started yesterday after school I went to it. I should be getting my pants back tommorrow for ROTC. Well I feel better today.
I will Blog tommorrow (if I am not sick).....


  1. Hoping you get to feeling better. Sorry you had to miss the movies. Prayers & ((HUGS}}