Monday, September 14, 2009

Tired again

I am so tired.... In ROTC we got dog tags they say
Army Strong
my last name, first name, birthday, what I am in, religion.....
Well I am a Let 3 (group 3)again I went from a 3 to a 1 to a 3 to a 2 back to a 3 again yeah
I hope that stays that way.... Well anyways about being tired in Drill Team we had P.T today
which is personal training. We had to run around the school and do stretches and 30 push ups
for a boy who would not be quite in class and the had to drink two bottles of water in less than a
minute to do that and then we had to go to the gym and go all the way around to the other building
and take two chairs a piece to the gym they are like ten pounds and we got out thirty minutes late
because of that. My leg, shoulders and hands hurt....
Thursday we wear are uniforms and I know I already said this a million times but I can not wait....


  1. Okay dear you complain your tired yet your outside playing?..your slacking on your chores I've warned your now I'm making it public for anyone too see! I love ya, but you have to do your chores.

  2. Wow that's alot of stuff to do, I know I would be tired. :)